News Update


28th Oct 2019: Highschool students from Indonesia (Sakura Science, Shizuoka prefecturalgovernment)


1st Oct 2019: Riga Technical University, President


26th Sep 2019: Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM),Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,Faculty of Engineering,


27th Aug 2019: Aston University(UK), Prof. Sotos Generalis visit to Hamamatsu Campus

27 Aug 2019:
Aston University (UK), Prof. Sotos Generalis, Associate Dean for Research, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, visit to Hamamatsu Campus, laboratory tour.


1 July 2019: Institute for Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology visited Shizuoka campus

The graduate students and a faculty staff from Institute for Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, our partner institute and university in China, were invited for a short visit of research at Shizuoka Campus with the support of “Sakura Exchange Program in Science” by JST, organized by Assoc. Prof. Oya (College of Science).


25-27 May 2019: Participation in Japan-China University Fair & Forum in China (Chengdu, Sichuan)

President Ishii participated in the Presidents’ Round Table, Vice-President Kimura (Research, Industry and Community Relations) in the Tec-Japan Fair, and Prof. Matsuda (OIC) in Japan University Fair.


21st May 2019: Riga Technical University(Latvia):Prof.Igors Tipans( Vice President) & Ms.Anna Sedova(International Office):Signing ceremony of MoU extension


24th Apr 2019: Chiang Mai University(Thailand) Director of Japanese study center: Ms. Benjang Jaisai der Arslanian


12th Nov 2018: Monglian high school students to visit Faculty of Engineering

8 Monglian high school students visited Faculty of Engineering on 12th November 2018. Students were invited to Japan by Shizuoka prefectural government through JST Sakura Science program.
After the briefing session by Prof. Kawata, Dean of the faculty of Engineering, they visited laboratory of Prof.Iwata, Prof. Sano and Prof. Niwayama.


1Nov 2018 Cambodian students to visit Hamamatsu campus (JENESYS2018)


12 Oct 2018 University of Technology Malaysia, Staff visit Hamamatsu


24-27 Sep: 2018 Inter-Academia 17th Conference at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)

The 17th Inter-Academia Conference was held at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania for 4 days from 24 to 27 September 2018. A total of 86 people from 13 countries gathered. From Shizuoka University, Masakazu Kimura (Vice-President), Professor Kazuhiko Hara (Dean of Doctoral graduate school), Professor Hidenori Mimura (Director of the Research Institute of Electronics) and 29 faculty and graduate school students took part.
69 oral and poster presentation were delivered throughout the 4 days. 21 graduate students gave short presentation and following three were given ‘IA Young Researchers Award’.
- Khotimatul Fauziah, Shizuoka University, Japan;
- Alexandra Besleaga, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania; and
- Jacob S. Mathew, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania.


13 Sep: Technische Universitat Braunschweig


26 July Warsaw Japanese Language school(Poland)


JST Sakura Science Program Advisor visits Hamamatsu for the briefing session and the meeting with Indian students (23rd July 2018)

On July 23 (Monday), Mr. Nishikawa of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), visited the Hamamatsu Campus, to hold a briefing session on Sakura Science project for professors, and to meet the student group of the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (India) who are currently visiting us using Sakura Science project funding.
Mr. Nishikawa had meetings with our professors and the group of Indian students. At the briefing session, he shared his knowledge and experience of India, where he worked as the first director of JST local office. Shizuoka University will continue to utilize Sakura Science project to promote exchange with students and researchers in Asia.


Visit of Mrs. Adrien Rátkai -Füzesi , Budapest Univ. Technology & Economics (BME), May16


Erasmus+ mobility (STT, STA) (From UAIC to Shizuoka, April-May, 2018)

-Associate Professor Bogdan G. Zugravu gave several lectures
-Ms. Dorina Moisa、International Relations Office, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration spent a week on our campuces for meetings with staff and students


Japan-China University Fair & Forum 2018(May12-15)


2018 Japanese-German Symposium (Apr. 26-27, 2018, Tokyo)


1 March 2018: Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) visited SHizuoka campus


5–8 Feb & 20–23 Feb 2018: ABP Collaboration Meeting with South and Southeast Asian High Schools(Thailand, INdonesia & India)


18 Jan 2018: Hasanuddin University(Indonesia) visited Shizuoka campus


16 Jan 2018: University students from Suwon city, Korea(JENESYS2017)visited Faculty of Agriculture & Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


8 Dec 2017: The Center for Fusion Science, Southwestern Institute of Physics & Sichuan University (China) visited Faculty of Science


4-6 Dec 2017: The 4th Inter-Academia Asia Conference

The 4th Inter-Academia Asia Conference

For three days from December 4 through December 6, 2017, Shizuoka University hosted the Fourth Inter-Academia Asia Conference for its partner universities in South-east and South Asia at Hotel Associa Shizuoka. About 70 people attended the conference, including the 18 guests (eight faculty and ten students) invited to the conference from eight universities in five countries.
The first day's round table meeting began with Shizuoka University Vice President and Director of the Organization for International Collaboration, Professor Shigehiko Suzuki, giving a history of the IAA's activities. Professor Noriko Matsuda of the Organization for International Collaboration continued with the proceedings by presenting the internationalization efforts of the master's degree programs at Shizuoka University and the eight attending universities. This presentation was followed by a discussion session in which attendees could share their opinions and ideas. Examples of these internationalization efforts included admitting international students, establishing systems for sending students abroad, reinforcing language education, building joint research structures with universities, and other initiatives common among all the universities. The guest academics and the Shizuoka University academics who are conducting joint research with them joined at the networking dinner held that evening. Shizuoka University President Kiyoshi Ishii kicked off the dinner with his opening address, followed by self-introductions from all attendees. Amid the friendly atmospheres that continued throughout dinner, guests attending from Shizuoka University's partner universities in five countries got to know each other much better. Vice Director of the Organization for International Collaboration, Prof. Yasuto Shirai, ended the dinner with words of encouragement for the next day's Young Researchers' Conference.
On the second day, Tuesday, December 5, 21 Shizuoka University graduate students and ten graduate students from the partner universities took part in the Young Researchers' Conference, giving presentations on their research. Twelve of the Shizuoka University students were from the Hamamatsu Campus, and Shizuoka University students gave presentations representing all six of the university's master's degree courses: science, agriculture, informatics, engineering, humanities and social sciences, and education. The students presented the results of their research activities in English and answered the questions posed by their subcommittee's chairs and instructors from Shizuoka University. This provided all attendees an opportunity to expand their knowledge of their peers' research.
On the third day, Wednesday, December 6, the venue moved to the Shizuoka and Hamamatsu campuses to visit the graduate schools. They exchanged information and ideas on their respective research and education activities. In the afternoon, the visitors to the Shizuoka Campus took a tour of the city, enjoying the sights of its historical and cultural heritage, while getting a view of Mt. Fuji looking majestic against the clear blue sky.
With this fourth conference, Shizuoka University has thus far welcomed attendees from 27 universities in ten countries to the Inter-Academia Asia. This conference helped to form the foundation for further exchange and cooperation among these universities, with its focus on the continued internationalization of master's degree programs.


7 Nov 2017: Indonesia University of Education, Coutesy visit to President & Meeting with Organization for International Collaboration


6 Nov 2017: Vietnam National University of Forestry & Ministry of Environment made Coutesy visit to President


24 Oct 2017: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology visited Dean of the Faculty of Engineering


20 Oct 2017: Assam University (India) Courtesy visit to president


Mongolian high school students visited Faculty of Engineering

4th July 2017: A group of Mongolian high school students, who were invited by SHizuoka Prefectural government through Skura Science scheme of JST, visited facutly of Engineering.


KMUTT(Thailand)Monodukuri Engineer program students visited Faculty of Engineering

19th June 2017, a group of students of Monodukuri Engineer program from KMUTT visited Faculty of Engineering.


MOU Signing between Shizuoka University and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH)

Shizuoka University signed a university-level MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) on March 6th, 2017. The signing ceremony which took place on the IITH campus was attended by Prof. Takayuki Saito (Director of Research Division, Graduate School of Science and Technology) from Shizuoka University, as well as Director Uday B. Desai, Prof. N Venkata Reddy, Prof. Vinod Janardhanan, and many other representatives from IITH.


National Central University (NCU), Taiwan, Department of Mechanical Engineering pays a curtesy visit to President of Shizuoka University

11th January 2017, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Central University, Prof. Jeng-Rong Ho and 5 other faculty members paid a curtesy visit to Yukihiro Ito, the president of Shizuoka University. From Shizuoka University, Prof. Kiyoshi Ishii (Trustee for education), Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki(Vice-president) and Prof. Takeshi Sako(Dean of the Graduate school of Integrated Science and Technology) also joined in the meeting. The two Universities are in discussion to launch a Master’s double degree program for engineering field.


The 3rd Inter-Academia Asia conference at SRM University, India

From 28th to 30th November 2016, the 3rd Conference of Inter Academia Asia (IAA) was held in Chennai, India, hosted by SRM University. Over 100 people from 9 countries attended the event. From Shizuoka University, 22 faculty members and students, including Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki (Vice president for International strategy), Prof. Takeshi Sako (Dean of the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology) and Prof. Yasuhiro Hayakawa joined in the conference.
Inter Academia Asia (IAA) is a community of Asian higher education institutions. Through international collaboration, IAA aims to elevate the quality of higher education and research, with a special focus on Master’s degrees.
During the conference, we had 25 oral presentations of Master’s students and around 50 poster presentations, TechKnow exhibition (SRM University’s Engineering students innovation projects) and two Thematic talks. Delegates of the participating Universities had a meeting to exchange the ideas and case studies of the international activity of each University.

Participating Universities:
Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Univrtsity of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Universities Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Kasetsart University, Thailand
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
University of Language and International Studies, VNU (ULIS), Hanoi, Vietnam
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China, Hong Kong
Anna University, India
SRM University, India
Shizuoka University, Japan


Director Desai of IIT Hyderabad met with Shizuoka University President and the President & CEO of the Suzuki Motor Co.

The Director of the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad(IIT-H), Dr. Uday B. Desai and his colleague Dr. Badarinath Karri paid their first visit to Hamamatsu on November 30th.
Their day started by being welcomed by the President of Shizuoka University, Dr. Yukihiro Ito, on the Hamamtsu campus, where the leaders of the two universities met for the first time and firmly agreed to work together toward forming a strong and intimate alliance going forward.
Then, the group of IIT-H and Shizuoka University faculty paid a visit to the Hamamatsu Photonics Central Laboratory and learned about the close ties between the company and Shizuoka University as well as Hamamatsu Photonics’contribution to world-class technologies including three Nobel prizes awarded to researchers using their technologies.
In the afternoon, the group was invited to the Suzuki Motor Corporation headquarters in Hamamatsu where they met with the President & CEO of the company, Mr. Toshihiro Suzuki. President Suzuki and Director Desai exchanged their thoughts about the future of automobiles in India. After the meeting, a Suzuki factory tour was given, and the group had the opportunity to see the strength and art of Japanese manufacturing.


15th Inter-Academia conference (2016) at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

From 26th to 28th September 2016, Inter Academia(IA) 2016 Conference was held in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Warsaw University of Technology(WUT). 140 people from 13 countries attended the event. From Shizuoka University, 44 faculty members and students, including Prof. Masakazu Kimura (Trustee), Prof. Kazuhiko Hara (Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology) and Prof. Masaaki Nagatsu (Co-chair of Inter-Academia 2016) joined in the conference.
The opening ceremony started off by the speech of Mr. Shigeo Matsutomi, the Japanese ambassador to Poland, and followed by the welcome address by Prof. Krzysztof Lewenstein, the Vice-President of WUT and Prof. Natalia Golnik, the Dean of the faculty of Mechatronics. Prof. Kimura, as the representative of Shizuoka University, made a congratulatory address. The second half of the morning session was three keynote lectures by Dr. Włodzimierz Lewandowski, President of the Central Office of Measures, Prof. Takayuki Saito and Emeritus Prof. Michiharu Tabe of Shizuoka University.
The conference was for three days and had over 40 oral presentations and around 40 short oral presentations with posters. During the conference, Shizuoka University delegates had meetings with the Vice President of the WUT, Prof. Lewenstein and with Director of the Institute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Adam Woźniakthe, to discuss about the further development of the research and educational collaboration between the two Universities.
At the closing ceremony, 5 Young Researchers Awards winners were celebrated and Prof. Nagatsu of Shizuoka University, on behalf of all the participants, expressed the appreciation to the conference chair, Prof. Ryszard Jabłoński, and to the team of conference organizer. The host of the next conference, Alexandra Ioan Cuza University, Romania delivered an introductory presentation to welcome all the IA members to the Inter-Academia 2017.

Shizuoka University is grateful for the help and support of Suzuki Foundation, who has been continuously funding the Inter Academia since its inception.


1 July 2016 California State University at Sacramento, Provost & vice President visited Shizuoka

Prof.Ming-Tung Lee (Provost& VicePresident), Prof. Kazue Masuyama(Deparment ofForeignlanguages) Mr.Paulo Pinto (English Language Institute) & 3 others.


28 June 2016 KMUTT (King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi) Thailand

KMUTT(King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, Assistant to the President for Internationalization, Asst. Prof. ANAK KHANTACHAWANA, PhD. visited Hamamatsu campus on 28 June 2016.
Asst. Prof. ANAK KHANTACHAWANA had a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Takeshi Sako and the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Prof. Sanshiro Sakai, and discussed about KMUTT Interns at Shizuoka University and future collaboration.


1 June 2016 Hong Kong Polytechnic University

1 June 2016
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, MEchanical Engineering, 3 Academics and 40 students visit 4 laboratories of Faculty of Engineering in Hamamatsu campus


10.Mar 2016 Thammasat University, the Institute of East Asian Studies

10.Mar 2016
Thammasat University, visit to Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and International center
Prof. Kitti Prasirtsuk (Director at the Institute of East Asian Studies) and another researcher

Article on University website: http://www.shizuoka.ac.jp/news/detail.html?CN=3041


7.Mar 2016 Shanghai Institute of Ceramics

7.Mar 2016
Shanghai Institute of Ceramics on Sakura science program, visit to International center
One faculty and 10 postgraduate students


29.Feb 2016 Taylor’s University

29.Feb 2016
Taylor’s University, visit to Faculty of Engineering & International Center 
Prof. Mushtak Al Atabi (Pro Vice Chancellor)


17. Feb 2016 Ministry of religions Affairs, Indonesia

17. Feb 2016
Ministry of religions Affairs, Indonesia, visit to International center  Dr. Nur Kholis Setiawan(Director of Madrasah Education)and 3 others


12.Feb 2016 Fudan University School of Law

12.Feb 2016
Fudan University School of Law (Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Fudan University:Prof. SUN Xiaoxia(Dean, School of law,)
Chinese Academy of Social Science:Prof. SUN Xian Zhong (Director, Civil Law Sciences Department, Director, European Union Law Studies Centre)


25. Jan 2016  University of Nebraska

25. Jan 2016
University of Nebraska, Omaha, Visit to International center
Dr.Patrick WCNAMARA( Director of Intensive English),
Dr.Sarah Osborn( Assistant Director of Intensive English)


21.Jan 2016 Indonesia University of Education

21.Jan 2016
Indonesia University of Education on Sakura science program, Visit to International center


12.Jan 2016 Taylor’s University, 3 weeks Research stay on Sakura science program

12.Jan 2016
Taylor’s University, 3 weeks Research stay on Sakura science program,
Chong Chien Hwa (Associate Dean - Learning & Quality )and 9 others


2. Dec 2015 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia & Taylor’s University, MoU signing ceremony

2. Dec 2015
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia & Taylor’s University, MoU signing ceremony
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia:Prof. Wahid Bin Omar (Vice-Chancellor/President)and 3 faculties & Taylor’s University:Ms Angela Pok (Vice President – Student Experience)

Article on Unversity News:


Inter-Academia Asia 2015

30.Nov-2.Dec 2015
Inter-Academia, Asia 2015
9 faculties and 9 students from 9 Partner Universities of 8 Asian countries

Article on University website:


30.Oct 2016 University of Nebraska, Omaha, Joint Jazz concert at Shizuoka Univ.

30.Oct University of Nebraska, Omaha, Joint Jazz concert at Shizuoka Univ.
Prof. Tomm Roland, 17 students and 6 teachers
Lori Arias(Assistant Director, International Student Services)& Dr. Cindy Phaneuf (UNO Theater)


20.Oct 2016 Mongolia: Ministry of Education, Culture & Science: Courtesy visit to President

Group of delegates from Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, Mongolia Courtesy visit to President
Mr. Bulga-Erdene (Vice-Minister of Education, Culture and Science) and 8 delegates


1October 2015: Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) : Visit to International Center (Hamamatsu)

Dr. Chin Fhong, Soon (Head of Electronic Engineering Department)& Dr Mohd Khairul Bin Ahmad


Inter-Academia 2015 in Hamamatsu

From 28 to 30 September 2015, Inter-Academia (IA)* 2015 Conference was held in Hamamatsu, Japan, hosted by Shizuoka University. Around 140 participants ( mostly academics and young researchers from 10 Eastern-Central European Universities and 3 Asian Universities ) attended the event.
The conference started at the Hamamatsu Congress center with the opening speech of the conference chair, Prof. Masaaki Nagatsu and the University presidents, Dr. Yukihiro Ito of Shizuoka University and Prof.Vasile Isan of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (Romania). It was followed by two key-note lectures and 15 presentations on the latest research findings in the fields of Terahertz, Plasma Physics and Informatics. The second day, 29th September was dedicated to young researchers’ and students’ Oral & Poster presentations. These were evaluated for ‘IA 2015 Best young researchers award’. A total of 67 young researchers, not only from Eastern-Central Europe and Japan, but also from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, China & Kazakhstan, presented their research work. The third day’s presentations were for the field of ‘Nanotechnology & automobiles’ and ‘Material Science and Nanotechnology’. 14 researchers delivered presentations during the morning session.
The conference included excursions to visit historical and cultural sites of the Hamamatsu city, such as Hokouji temple, SUZUKI museum and Hananomai Japanese Sake brewery. The last activity of the conference was a Banquet, which gathered many key persons who have greatly contributed to the development of the Inter- Academia community. The honorable professors who were awarded the certificate of appreciation, the young researchers who were awarded the best presentation prize, the executive members of Shizuoka University and all the participants, got together to celebrate the achievements of the Inter- Academia community in the last 14 years and to wish Inter-Academia continued prosperity for many more years to come.
*Inter-Academia is an academic community that consists of Shizuoka University and its sister Universities from Central & East European countries. Website:  http://iac.icsu.shizuoka.ac.jp/en/ 

Inter-Academia 2015 Conference :
 Date: 28-30 September 2015
 Venue: ACTCITY Hamamatsu, Congress Center, Shizuoka, Japan
 Size of the turnout: Total: 145 (Young researchers: 67 )
From overseas :44 (Poland: 3, Romania: 8, Hungary: 5, Belarus: 3, Latvia: 5, Bulgaria: 2, Ukraine: 6, Slovakia: 2, Russia: 3, Lithuania: 4, Malaysia: 2, Indonesia: 1)
Japan: 101 (Shizuoka Univ.:93, Suzuki.Co: 3, Osaka Univ.: 2, others:3)
 Participating IA member universities:
 Shizuoka University, Japan
 Comenius University, Slovakia
 Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
 Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
 Gomel State University, Belarus
 Riga Technical University, Latvia
 Sofia University, Bulgaria
 Óbuda University, Hungary
 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
 St. Petersburg State Technological Institute, Russia
 Kaunas Institute of Technology, Lithuania


Universidad de JAÉN (Spain) visited International center

23rd June 2015, Dr. A. Quesada& Dr. Jesus de la Casa of Universidad de JAÉN (Spain) visited International center, Shizuoka University, where they had a meeting with professors of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Konno(Dean), Prof. Hanagata , Assoc. Prof. Ohara and with Prof. Matsuda (International center). They also had a Skype meeting with Assoc. Prof. Wada (Faculty of Engineering) who is located in Hamamatsu campus to discuss about students exchange opportunities in the future.


Warsaw University of Technology, Prof. R. Jabłoński(Faculty of Mechatronics) ,Courtesy visit to President

On 12th May 2015, Prof. R. Jabłoński ,Warsaw University of Technology paid a courtesy visit to President, Prof. Yukihiro Ito.
Attendees: Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki (Vice-President, Director of the International Center), Prof. Hidenori Mimura (Director of the Research institute of Electronics) , Prof. Michiharu Tabe (Research institute of Electronics) ,Assoc. Prof. Yuko Ryan (International Center) & Mr. Minoru Takeshita (Manager ,International Center)


Inter-Academia 2014 was held at Riga Technical University in Latvia

From 10th to 12th September, Inter-Academia 2014 was held at Riga Technical University in Latvia. In addition to the Rector of the Riga Technical University, Prof. Talis Juhn, Vice- President of Shizuoka University, Prof. Masakazu Kimura, the Japanese ambassador to Latvia, Mr. Toshiyuki Taga and academics from Japan and East European countries all attended the opening ceremony. The ambassador delivered a speech, encouraging further development of academic exchange in between Latvia and Japan.
The conference successfully gathered about 160 participants in total, including academics and young researchers from Central & Eastern European countries and 35 academics and students from Shizuoka University.
Following the presentations of the latest research on the first two days, the Young researcher’s award competition was held. The competition consists of the presentation and the poster session, and four students from Shizuoka University were awarded the prize.
Next year, the 14th conference is going to be held at Shizuoka University. We hope to provide fruitful opportunities for deepening the ties between academics and young researchers of Shizuoka and those from Central and Eastern European countries.


Minister (Economic) of the Embassy of Bangladesh visits Shizuoka University for round table discussions with study abroad students.

On July 28th (Mon) through the 29th (Tues), Dr. Jiban Ranjan Majumder, Minister (Economic), Embassy of Bangladesh, visited Shizuoka University. The main purpose for the visit is to have round table discussions with Bangladeshi students at Shizuoka University; the minister has been energetically rounding universities throughout Japan. At present, there are 18 Bangladeshi students residing at Shizuoka University, and all are in their Ph.D. programs in the Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST).
Firstly, the discussions with Minister (Economic) Majumder took place on the Hamamatsu Campus, on the 28th, with 1 Bangladeshi student, and Prof. Naoki Wakiya and Prof. Takayoshi Nakai of Graduate School of Engineering. Following on the 29th, the minster visited the Shizuoka Campus, where he met with Prof. Tetsu Mieno (GSST), who explained the technological research exchange going on between this university and Bangladeshi universities. Afterwards, the round table discussion with 13 Bangladeshi students ensued, who energetically conveyed the research that they are presently conducting as well as the facets of life in Japan.

Also, after the discussions, the minister made a courtesy call on President Yukihiro Ito. Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki, Vice-President of International Strategic Affairs, Prof. Noriko Matsuda of the International Center, and Prof. Mieno were also present, where the strengthening of collaborative ties between Japan and Bangladesh was the topic of the conversation.

1. Round table discussion with Bangladeshi students
2. Discussions with President Ito and Prof. Suzuki (Vice-President)


Dr. Ngo Minh Thuy, Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, visits Shizuoka University.

On July 15th, Dr. Ngo Minh Thuy, Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, paid a visit to Shizuoka University.
Despite Dean Thuy’s busy schedule on this trip to Japan, her appearance at our university was made possible by the arrangements by Dr. Toshihiko Shine, Researcher at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, who accompanied Dean Thuy throughout her travels. (Dr. Shine, who was, with Dean Thuy, one of the former Co-Directors of The Vietnam National University – Kyoto University Collaboration Office (VKCO) and who is thoroughly acquainted with the condition of higher education in Vietnam, has also provided valuable advice for our “Asia Bridge Program (ABP)” on location in Vietnam.
At the discussions with Dean Thuy were Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki, Vice-President of International Strategic Affairs; Prof. Hiroko Kumai, Prof. Noriko Matsuda, and Assoc. Prof. Yuko Ryan, from International Center; and Dr. Darius Greenidge, specially appointed professor for the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs. After Prof. Suzuki’s overview of the Asia Bridge Program, Dean Thuy et al informed us of the condition of Japanese language studies and university admissions in Vietnam. Additionally, vigorous exchange of opinion ensued about initiating contact for research exchange between our universities.

1.Exchange of opinions.
2.Group photo (4th from the right is Dean Thuy, to the left of her is Dr. Shine).


Thailand General Education Network (TGEN) visits Shizuoka University

On June 25th (Wed), the Kingdom of Thailand General Education Network (TGEN) group of observers visited Shizuoka University. TGEN operates as an affiliated agent to the Office of Higher Education Commission, at the Ministry of Education, which plays a highly important role in the definition and recommendation of the philosophy and policy of Liberal Arts Education in Thailand.
On this occasion, the TGEN group, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bundit Thipakorn, President of the TGEN and Vice President for Education Development (KMUTT) , was made up of Vice Presidents for Education, Deans and Directors of General Education from 13 universities, 28 persons in all. Among the group were exchange partners, Kasetsart University and King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi (KMUTT).
While the group visited Kyoto University, Osaka University, the University of Tokyo and International Christian University during their one week stay in Japan, Shizuoka University was the only regional university that they wished to visit. Their main purpose for visiting Shizuoka University was to use as reference our Liberal Arts Education policy and curriculum guidelines for their own Liberal Arts Education program concepts which are now in the process of development.
On the day of the visit, Prof. Noriko Matsuda, International Center, acted as coordinator, President Yukihiro Ito gave the welcoming salutations, Dr. Kiyoshi Ishii, Trustee and Vice-President of Education, gave a brief overview of Liberal Arts Education, and Dr. Keiko Sakai, Education Development Center’s Career Design Education/Faculty Development section, explained induction courses for newly appointed personnel, the situation of practical faculty development and the like. Following the above, a vigorous question and answer session ensued.
Furthermore, handling the question and answer session were Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki, Vice-President of International Strategic Affairs, Prof. Mitsumasa Zushi, Chair of the Common University Subject Committee (Graduate School of Informatics), Prof. Tetsuro Tanzawa, Advisor for Vice-President of Education (Faculty of Education), and Dr. Darius C. Greenidge, specially appointed professor for the Organization of Global Educational Programs.
Also, as a finale, there was the introduction of Shizuoka University’s newest educational program, the “Asia-Bridge-Program”, by Prof. Suzuki, who expressed our sincere desire to further exchange between our universities and strengthen cooperation.

Photo 1: Question and answer session
Photo 2: The visitors with our university president, Dr. Ito, and other related members of the university.


University of Kansas (USA) students visit Shizuoka University.~Kakehashi Project~

On June 27th (Friday), twenty-seven students visiting from the University of Kansas, United States, took part in special lecture programs and exchange activities with Shizuoka University students, as part of the North American region youth exchange project.
This project, funded by the Japanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and promoted by the Japan Foundation for the purpose of North American region youth exchange (KAKEHASHI Project-The Bridge for Tomorrow-), involves more than 200 American university students, who, divided into 9 groups, travel to various parts of Japan with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of the appeal of Japan and its values. Additionally, there is the aim to afford deeper and meaningful exchange with Japanese students.
On the same day, after the welcoming salutations from our university president, Dr. Yukihiro Ito, there was an introduction to Shizuoka University, presented by Professor Itsuo Harasawa of the International Center, and a special lecture given by a specially appointed professor to the Organization for the Promotion of Global Education Programs, Dr. Darius C. Greenidge, themed, “The Appeal of Shizuoka Prefecture”. The students also participated in a class on “English Communication”, taught by lecturer Steven Urick, of the University Education Center. In such manner, they spent the day indulging in various programs including cultivating relations with Japanese students from our university.
During the group’s 10 day stay in Japan, 5 days were spent within Shizuoka Prefecture. In addition to the visit to our university, they visited historical locations such the Kumano Toshougu (Shrine memorial to the warlord, Tokugawa Ieyasu), and local industries.
Also as part of this project, in March of next year, students from our university are scheduled to visit universities in North America.

Photo 1: Group photo with Shizuoka University President, Dr. Yukihiro Ito.
Photo 2: Scene of Lecturer Steven Urick’s class, in action.


The CEO of the University of Southampton, Malaysia campus visited Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Science and Technology

The Professor John W McBride, CEO of the University of Southampton, Malaysia campus, with his colleague, visited Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu campus to have meetings with the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate school.

Visitors:Prof . John McBride(CEO, University of Southampton, Malaysia Campus), Dr. Suhaila Mohd Sanip(Associate Professor , Director of Education and Research Services)
Host: Prof. Takeshi Sako (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Toshiharu Hoshino(Vice-Dean, Faculty of Engineering) Prof. Yasuhiro Hayakawa (Research Institute of Electronics) , Prof. Jun Kondoh (The Graduate School of Science and Technology), Prof. Masaaki Nagatsu (Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology) & Assoc. Prof. Yuko Ryan (International Center)


The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University (Thailand) visited Hamamatsu campus

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University, with his academic colleagues, visited Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu campus to have meetings with Shizuoka University’s the Graduate school, the Research institute of Electronics and the Faculty of Engineering.

Visitors:Dr. Prapat Wangskarn(Dean of the Faculty of Engineering) ,Dr. Monchai Prukvilailert, Dr. Dulyachot Cholaseuk & Dr.Montalee Sasananan
Host: Prof. Dr. Naoharu Watanabe (Head of research, The Graduate School of Science and Technology), Prof. Dr. Hidenori Mimura (Director of the research institute of Electronics), Prof. Dr. Toshiharu Hoshino(Vice-Dean, Faculty of Engineering) Prof. Dr. Akira Nakayama (Education and Research Councilor,Faculty of Engineering) Dr. Kaoru Takeishi (Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Dr. Kenji Murakami (The head of Center for Instrumental Analysis) Mr. Yoshiyasu Yamashita (Head of Administration, The Graduate School of Science and Technology) & Assoc. Prof. Yuko Ryan (International Center


Preliminary meeting held for the establishment of Inter-Academia Asia

On February 17th, 2014, within the city of Shizuoka, the preliminary meeting for the establishment of Inter-Academia Asia was held. Inter-Academia Asia is a new educationally practical program with a cooperative stance based on promoting research exchange with partner universities, and intends to develop globally talented personnel who will be active internationally with a focus on Asia.
On that day, there were 15 representatives from 12 partner universities present at the meeting, from as many as 6 countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. The event was met with approval for the program’s establishment, and from this year, the formation of a new community with Asia shall be realized.
Further, present at the meeting were Shizuoka University’s Director of the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Dr. (Masaaki) Nagatsu, and the Director of the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology, Dr (Enoch Y.) Park. Opinions were exchanged on the DDP (Double Degree Program), and at the banquet, the Shizuoka University Vice President/Trustee (Educational and Affiliated Schools Affairs), Dr. (Kiyoshi) Ishii gave salutations, expressing his wish for strengthening ties. A vigorous exchange of information then ensued (amongst the participants).
Continuing the next day, exchange was conducted between the researchers at both the Shizuoka and Hamamatsu campuses.

※Shizuoka University has already formed an “Inter-Academia” community with the 11 partner universities of Central and Eastern Europe, and in addition to holding its annual international meetings, valuable success has been gained in both research and educational exchange.


Visiting a local Jr. high school

Over 10 international Doctoral students visited local Jr. high school to assist their English communication lessons. They discussed and exchanged ideas about the Japanese cultures such as food, festivals and comics.


Poland’s Ambassador visits Shizuoka University (Hamamatsu)

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Japan, Cyryl KOZACZEWSKI, visited Shizuoka University on 30th October 2013. From Shizuoka, the Vice President Prof. Yanagisawa, the Director of the RIE, Prof. Mimura, the Dean of the Graduate School, Prof. Nagatsu, Assoc. Prof. Ryan (International center), and Assistant Prof. Daniel Moraru Ioan (RIE) met the ambassador with 5 research degree students from Poland. The Ambassador also toured a laboratory of the Research Institute of Electronics, which is researching silicon-based single-dopant atom devices.


University of Wuppertal (Germany) visited International Center

On September 6th, 2013, Prof. Per Jensen, Japan liaison officer of the University of Wuppertal (Germany), visited International Center and discussed the further development of student and academic exchange activities.


King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand) visited International center

On 26th August 2013, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Varit Srilaong from School of Bioresources and Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (Thailand) visited international center. The Graduate School of Agriculture, Shizuoka University is planning to forge MoU with them later on this year.


Faculty of Engineering & Graduate school of Engineering sign MoU with Faculty of Science of the University of Potsdam (Germany)

Dr. Susanne Baldermann, Junior Professor of Analytical Food Chemistry of Plant Secondary Metabolites, from University of Potsdam visited International center on 9th August 2013 to report the MoU signed by Faculty of Engineering & Graduate school of Engineering of Shizuoka University, and the Faculty of Science of the University of Potsdam (Germany)


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